Our Philosophy

We believe in giving back to the community and being charitable locally & abroad. We have helped build wells for water, homes and much more. We will continue to help people and the environment.

Being in business is more than making money it is about helping out those who are less fortunate and we are proud of the changes we help bring about for the less fortunate. Who are these people that run this cleaning company sending people into our homes? Can we trust them, what kind of people are they, how do they treat their staff, these are some of the questions we would be asking.

First and foremost we are God fearing people and we feel that is a good thing. We are not perfect, we make mistakes but we try hard to do His will. We are honest and decent people who want to make a difference for the world we live in and some of the people who live in it. That sounds challenging but it is easier than you might think, it all starts by acknowledging we need to make changes. Changes to make the environment safer, changes to improve our cleaning skills, changes to become better people each and every day, changes to help those less fortunate and changes to help improve the lives of those we love and care about.

We have family in the Philippines and we know how blessed we are, to have jobs and many things we take for granted. Life in the Philippines is hard to describe unless you have been there, have seen with your own eyes the hardships people face in life. In Canada we take for granted having electricity, water and even food. So we started helping with our families, building a well for them and the community, bringing in power and trying to make life a bit easier for the many people who live in that particular village. It did not happen overnight, a lot of time, money, positive thinking has helped change lives, that is what living is all about, isn’€™t it? We are not telling you this story to say, wow look at them, no, it is so you can see that we are not all about the money, we help the less fortunate and we do this through our business and our personal lives. To date we have built a piggery to provide food for the hungry, have recently started a tree farm on an acreage we bought years ago to help out those who need work and for future generations, we have built 3-5 homes. We raise cattle so many people can at least be able to get a few pesos when needed for emergencies. Sending money is nice but it is not the answer to providing sustainability and pride for the people who live there. These are not the people who live in a resort, or by the lake or in the city, these people live in the tropical jungles. These areas are prone to typhoons, floods and even drought. Although they have very little they are full of love, are happy and are some of the greatest people I have ever met. During Christmas we travel to a remote area in the Philippines and provide Christmas gifts to over 50 kids who have never seen a gift a toy or anything in their young livesyou should see their faces. The smiles on their faces make journeys like that all worth while. It was not an easy task by no stretch of the imagination as it rained so hard and getting around was treacherous. We are talking in the mountains where there are no roads, just paths about 30cm wide if you were lucky and one could easily slip which could be disastrous as there are no hospitals or Doctor’€™s nearby. For the most part there are no phones or power in the area and even if there were who could afford it?

We are working on a trust fund and we help send kids to school, trying to sponsor families to come to Canada or go abroad where some money could be earned and sent back to the families. We could spend a lifetime and probably will doing just that, helping people in need.

We also like to help out locally to many of the local charities. We have donated to Police charities, Salvation Army, and charities like Rape Crisis Centers, and others. We have cleaned local parks, walked ran and cycled, raising monies for the less fortunate.

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Why Hire Us?

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Work 100% guaranteed (conditions apply)
  • We believe in giving back to the community
  • Uniformed staff are professionally trained
  • Bonded, insured & work safe compliant